March 24, 2021

Major grant funding success

By stdennisband

St Dennis & Nanpean Community Trust | Funding Support for St.Dennis &  NanpeanSt Dennis Band Logo 2015.jpg

The St. Dennis Band are delighted and most thrilled to share the news that we have been successful and so very fortunate to receive a substantial grant from the St. Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust.  The total sum awarded is £71,000.

The monies received will be solely used to continue and indeed complete our instrument renewal strategy (both brass and percussion) whilst in turn seeing substantial benefits to playing members across all three bands within the organisation. The benefit of an enhanced stock of instruments enables more training provision, notably through school based activity. The organisation is truly thankful and very grateful for this vast financial support given by the trust and we remain committed to further develop musical activity within our local communities.