Youth Band

The History
St. Dennis Youth Band was successfully re-launched in January 2010 following a period of down time due to declining player numbers and the lack of a conductor. The newly formed band, under the baton of Garry Lannie, rose to the challenge of competing in the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival at Bugle in June 2010. They gave a very polished performance of Goff Richard’s “A Saddleworth Festival Overture” earning a very creditable
second place. This was all the more impressive as the band were only just up to number and was largely made up of very young players from the junior band, the youngest of whom was only seven!!!

The band were grateful to have the help of the under 20’s from the Senior Band and other
adult bands but the emphasis was placed firmly on the younger ones with the principal seats largely being taken by young players for their first time. Many of the little ones had their first experience of marching when forming up with the Senior Band for the iconic march to and from the contest field.

Moving forward the Youth Band is still completing the building process and are still looking for enthusiastic young players of all abilities to swell the ranks and begin to contest more regularly again.

The Youth Band currently meets of Wednesday evenings at 6.15 at the St Dennis Band Club. Each member is supplied with an instrument, music and tuition for a small fee of £1 per week! As well as learning how to play a brass instrument all members also learn music theory – but in a fun way!

If anyone is interested in learning to play a brass instrument and to join the St Dennis Youth Band please contact Rachael Sargent on 07734 927448